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Deep breaths

I don’t mean to be coy about my job but I don’t want to be searchable online because I mention where I work. That being said, I keep having to focus on taking deep breaths and reminding myself everything will be ok. Yesterday at work, the sword fell and I couldn’t stop crying. It was strange! Mentally I knew that chances are, I’ll keep my job and everything would turn out fine. But physically, my body needed to panic. I agreed with every logical and calming thing my coworkers, friends, and family said to me, but I still couldn’t catch my breath. It didn’t help that reporters crowded our hallway and banged on the door and shook the locked doorknobs all day. I wont say all of them were assholes, but too many of them were assholes.

Today was MUCH better.

You know what’s calming? Knitting. Here’s a better pic of my unblocked block now blocked. (heehee I like that sentence)

And here here’s the block I knit last week:

This pattern is perfect for me. I keep thinking I should really finish my thermal sweater since it’ll be fall before I know it, but I’m addicted to knitting my blocks.

One thing that made today better was my yarn already came!! SO FAST! I now love Little Knits!! There was a sweet little handwritten note on my receipt too. But look!!! Pretty!!!!!

I think I might need somebody else to buy some skeins for me since I keep thinking I’m picking SUCH DIFFERENT colors and then I look at them and they are very similar to what I have. I’ll wait to make an assessment after I’ve knit half the blocks. Which is soon!! :)

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This whole week has been…interesting. And stressful. And totally new. I don’t really want to get into details about my job but suffice to say, there’s been a recent shitstorm. To the point where I’m delaying going to bed since I’m a little worried about tomorrow. I have no idea if there will be press outside our office but I’ve never had to deal with press before and really don’t want to.

ANYWAY, I love how supportive my coworkers are here. We had an emergency session on Saturday to drink beers and vent and it was great; it helped me feel a little more calm about everything.

Today, I went for a ten mile hike (owww my feet). Emily and I did it before and I hurt soooo bad immediately afterwards and still hurt the next day but this time I actually managed to run errands. I finally used my $20 rewards at DSW for brown sandals. It was so hard buying sandals because I’ve only ever worn flip flops. Which, at 29, is ridiculous. So now, I’m officially a grownup.

Then I went to Becca’s for dinner (we made Rachael Ray’s vodka cream pasta, yum). All in all, I do feel prepared to go into work tomorrow. I relaxed enough this weekend and I vented enough. Did I clean my kitchen like I was supposed to? Nope. But Future Mary can do that.

In other news, my basket of Noro Kureyon is almost empty. I tweeted asking about sales for Noro, not really expecting anybody to respond but somebody did!! I grabbed 6 more skeins on sale at Little Knits. The skeins were 25%-48% off! Thanks, Alicia!!

Ok, that’s enough delaying. To bed I go.

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I still haven’t quite adjusted to having less time to do what I want to do, like update this blog or make good dinners. I’ll go through bursts where I plan ahead; the weekend before my second week of work I made bread dough, planned out all my meals, and made the whole week very easy on myself.

I keep thinking I should do that again, but I haven’t.

Then this morning, I woke up super awake at 6 so I figured I’d get up and roast some chicken legs so I could have lunch and dinner easy to prepare. I shook the chicken legs in a ziploc of salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, paprika, and olive oil and roasted them while I got ready for work. It was a little nuts, I’ll admit, but delicious!

In other news, on Friday I went out on the town with two friends and had a total blast. I joked that the mission of the night was find me a husband and they totally took it seriously, it was awesome. They made me talk to so many guys! But I had maybe a little toooo much fun since on Saturday I was useless to the world. And I felt bad since I went to a bbq and felt like I was being boring haha.

I’m still loving my job. Even though I worked over 13 hours on Monday. But those days won’t happen that often so…not the end of the world. I am looking forward to it being Friday though. I’m going to sleep in soooo late on Saturday and nobody can stop me.

PS here’s a pic of those cupcakes I made my mom for her bday :)

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Life is good

I keep being so surprised by how happy I feel. I was really used to feeling crummy! Having a job makes a huge difference but loving it makes an even bigger difference. I did not love my last job, it made me miserable on a regular basis, and then unemployment wasn’t great. But now? I love what I do all day and am actually happy to head to work in the morning.

And my coworkers crack me up. When you share an office with 4 other people, it matters whether you like them and I like them all. When we’re not hard at work, we’re laughing. It’s awesome.

In other news, I went to the beach this weekend with my family and it was so fun. The weather was perfect, sunny but not too warm. My parents had just bought new deck furniture so I enjoyed knitting outside and pretending I wasn’t getting sunburned. Plus, it was my mom’s birthday so that meant yummy food. I made her coconut cupcakes with coconut cream filling and marshmallow frosting. SO GOOD. It was a play off this recipe which I made her last year. AND because I’m an awesome daughter, I also made her chicken and fig terrine as part of her present (recipe from here).

OH AND! I got paid on Monday!!! Which meant I could go to happy hour with Juli and Becca today and have yum fondue :)

Happy dances all around.

Here’s what I knit at the beach:

I haven’t blocked it yet, obvio, but besides being too lazy to do that before posting I also thought it’d be good to show what it looks like before blocking.

Blocking is magical.

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I hate my car

Ok, I don’t really hate my car. But we’re in a fight. Since February, I have had to call AAA four times. FOUR. In FIVE months. Excuse the all caps, but I think they’re necessary. In February, I had a flat tire. In May, my car decided to just up and die while I was waiting for a light at a busy intersection (that was really fun with all the honking while I waited for the tow truck). Then, in June, my ignition decided it didn’t want to do that turning thing anymore. And now, I had another flat.


I’ve now had to get a new alternator, replace an ignition, and get two new tires with money I do not have. I was so stressed about the money this morning I almost threw up. But that’s what credit cards are for, right?

Anyway, the day is looking up. I made some calming tea and baked an olive loaf with what remained of my bread dough from Sunday. (If you don’t own Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes, you need to buy it immediately. And also this one.) Pretty sure olive loaf can cure any mild depression. Especially warm with butter.

AND, look at this freshly blocked goodness:

Ok I’m going to tidy up the apartment because some maniac tore it apart during the week. I almost wish I had a roommate just so I could blame the mess on them. Almost.

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