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I hate my car

Ok, I don’t really hate my car. But we’re in a fight. Since February, I have had to call AAA four times. FOUR. In FIVE months. Excuse the all caps, but I think they’re necessary. In February, I had a flat tire. In May, my car decided to just up and die while I was waiting for a light at a busy intersection (that was really fun with all the honking while I waited for the tow truck). Then, in June, my ignition decided it didn’t want to do that turning thing anymore. And now, I had another flat.


I’ve now had to get a new alternator, replace an ignition, and get two new tires with money I do not have. I was so stressed about the money this morning I almost threw up. But that’s what credit cards are for, right?

Anyway, the day is looking up. I made some calming tea and baked an olive loaf with what remained of my bread dough from Sunday. (If you don’t own Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes, you need to buy it immediately. And also this one.) Pretty sure olive loaf can cure any mild depression. Especially warm with butter.

AND, look at this freshly blocked goodness:

Ok I’m going to tidy up the apartment because some maniac tore it apart during the week. I almost wish I had a roommate just so I could blame the mess on them. Almost.

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