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For the last two years, I’ve missed the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. Two years ago, my sister was rude enough to get married that weekend. Last year, my parents were horrible and made me go on an awesome trip to NYC with them. But this year, I was able to go again!

I loooove OFFF. The Canby fairgrounds get taken over by yarn, roving, tea, crafts, fiber animals, fancy soaps, etc. It’s my mecca. On Sat, I went with my parents and I easily exceeded my budget. Then, on Sunday my mom and I decided to go again. For no reason!! We didn’t need anything else! But we walked away with way more. I wish I’d taken a picture of our day 1 haul, but this is day 2.

In my defense, that is mostly my mom’s loot. Also in my defense, my day 2 goodies were my mom’s treat :)

Here’s everything I got from both days:

The large skeins are all Woobu from Blue Moon (60% merino, 20% bamboo sport weight)

<— I’m thinking this yellow goldenĀ  goodness will become Demi. It’s the wrong weight but other people have done it! And I kind of NEED that sweater in this color.







And then I’m thinking these will become the striped Bergen Street Cardigan. (Non Ravelers can click here)





I got merino/bamboo/silk roving from Woolgatherings. So pretty!! I made myself get a braid that had lots of different colors, since those scare me. But I love the forum thread on Ravelry called spun to finished and it made me realize those yarns can turn out looking great! So I’m gonna try it out. Look at all the pretty colors:

I also got a fun 5 oz mixed bag of purple roving from Chameleon Colorworks. Most of it is merino and a couple colors are merino silk. (I can’t seem to resist purple)

AND! There was an awesome bag kit sold by GillianBags. It folds up like a purse for carrying it around, but you can also open it up and it becomes like a fabric basket!

Sidenote: I need more knitter friends. I was trying to describe this bag to my friend Becca and she goes, why do you need a project bag? I said, to carry my projects around? And she said, why do you need to carry your projects around?

This is who I have to deal with. People who don’t understand I need to carry my knitting around. I have 2 large project bags so I bought the mini pattern. Excited to sew it up!

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I am SURROUNDED by babies. I have my lil nephew and then I have at least 5 friends either pregnant with babies or who have just had babies or are trying to have babies. SURROUNDED.

(I’m not complaining.)

Since my schedule at work this week was pretty light, and only one coworker with me in the afternoon, I told my sissy that if she needed to run errands in Portland she could drop off Cooper at my office. So yesterday, she did just that :) Here’s Cooper saying he loves to work! He’s the boss of everyone!

He was so good at the office! Only got fussy a couple times which were easily solved by walking him around the office and never putting him down.

I love him :)

Related? If I ever drastically change careers, I think I’d make bank being a baby comedian. I’m amazing at making Cooper laugh. All it takes are laser sounds and kicking my feet. Or shaking miniature flags. Or being awesome.

Today, I’m going to go to the park with my friend Juliana and her newborn and 3 year old before I head to work. It’s an awesome start to my Friday! I’m excited since I haven’t seen Juliana in foreeeeever. And last time I saw Parker he looked like this:

So teeny!! It’s already been about 2 weeks since that! He’ll practically be walking!! I’m excited to see how his face has changed. I love that. And it’ll be fun to play with the Conor man. He’s the cutest big brother. (Really, it’ll mostly be awesome to see Juli haha but kiddos are bonus)

While I’m linking to my mom friends who blog, I have to link to Emily’s too! I wish I had a picture of her little Olivia but I didn’t take one when I met her. Bad Mary. You will have to take my word for it that she’s freaking adorable.

UPDATE: Emily sent me pics :) Here’s her wife Shawna holding up Olivia for her photo op

And Crystal blogs about her growing family here. Warning: lots of cute pictures of a baby boy named Henry.

See?? Surrounded by babies.

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I’m going to Kauai!! I leave Oct 7th and I’ll stay there a whole week. Then! I’ll leave Kauai and fly straight to the bay area to go to my friend’s baby shower! It’ll be such a fun vacation!! I’m sooo excited.

I realized I haven’t been posting on here, haven’t even showed my knitting, but I’ve been a little Kauai crazed. We still haven’t picked where we’re going to stay so we keep going through all the listings. I thiiiink we’ve chosen a condo in the north shore area, hopefully we book it soon!

In related news, I’ve started a Kauai workout mission. I’m biking or walking to work every day and working out 6 times a week. Plus, when I make myself do them, I’m doing those Self magazine strength bonus moves that you can pull out of the magazines. So far, I’ve done those once a week. But I’ve been doing the biking and working out! I’m going to look awesome in my swimsuit, as soon as I buy one!!

My only rule is to keep the workouts different. I’m not allowed to do a dvd/video I did the day before; I want to make sure I don’t get bored. I have a pretty awesome collection so that’s not hard:

Please note the Cher video. It’s one of my favorites! I got it cheap on ebay as a joke and I honestly love it. I have two for some reason…so if anybody has a vcr that is screaming for Cher love, I’ll give it to you.

Bonus? I’ve been in a great mood for the last two weeks. I had been feeling so antsy and dissatisfied with everything but keeping active has made me feel so much better. Apparently those endorphins actually work! It doesn’t hurt that I know I’ve lost weight this summer and it’s fun to get that going again.

Ok! I’m officially accountable because I’ve told the world I’m doing it.

PS if you have tips on Kauai, please share!

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I haven’t been paying that much attention to OK Cupid lately so there’s been a pause in my dating adventures. I have had the best of intentions to meet new people through meetup but so far, I’ve gone to zero meetups. I will though! I promise!

I finally went online tonight and started poking around and found this guy:

I don’t enjoy sleaze-culture, if you have a sex tape on the internet I probably don’t want to know you. Speaking of sleaze, if you’ve been in threesomes or think that’s cool and somehow not whorish, don’t talk to me. You’re a skank and I don’t want a disease.

I USED to love Discovery, TLC, and the history channel, but we all know they suck now.

That is a direct quote, no ellipsis, he jumped from skank to TLC. Is there something wrong with me that I’m more offended by the 2nd paragraph? Discovery and TLC are the channels I miss the most!! When I have cable, I’m dvr-ing their entire lineup. This guy…is not for me.

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Lizard Ridge Update

I swear I’ve been working on my Lizard Ridge blanket, even though I haven’t mentioned it lately. In fact, I have two new blocks! I can’t decide which one is my favorite.

This one?

Or this one?

I kind of think the second one is my new favorite.

And guess what? This means I have ten blocks!! That’s almost halfway!! Look at them all stacked up:

Aren’t they pretty??

I decided to take a moment and play with the blocks and see how I’m doing, color-wise.

I thiiiink I need more bright colors since I really like the bright blocks. But I LOVE this blanket so far!!! I’m already working on my 11th block but I got a liiiittle side tracked by a sock :) I’ll talk about that in another post.

PS!! I booked my flight to Kauai today!!! EEEEE!!! So excited!!

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