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I am SURROUNDED by babies. I have my lil nephew and then I have at least 5 friends either pregnant with babies or who have just had babies or are trying to have babies. SURROUNDED.

(I’m not complaining.)

Since my schedule at work this week was pretty light, and only one coworker with me in the afternoon, I told my sissy that if she needed to run errands in Portland she could drop off Cooper at my office. So yesterday, she did just that :) Here’s Cooper saying he loves to work! He’s the boss of everyone!

He was so good at the office! Only got fussy a couple times which were easily solved by walking him around the office and never putting him down.

I love him :)

Related? If I ever drastically change careers, I think I’d make bank being a baby comedian. I’m amazing at making Cooper laugh. All it takes are laser sounds and kicking my feet. Or shaking miniature flags. Or being awesome.

Today, I’m going to go to the park with my friend Juliana and her newborn and 3 year old before I head to work. It’s an awesome start to my Friday! I’m excited since I haven’t seen Juliana in foreeeeever. And last time I saw Parker he looked like this:

So teeny!! It’s already been about 2 weeks since that! He’ll practically be walking!! I’m excited to see how his face has changed. I love that. And it’ll be fun to play with the Conor man. He’s the cutest big brother. (Really, it’ll mostly be awesome to see Juli haha but kiddos are bonus)

While I’m linking to my mom friends who blog, I have to link to Emily’s too! I wish I had a picture of her little Olivia but I didn’t take one when I met her. Bad Mary. You will have to take my word for it that she’s freaking adorable.

UPDATE: Emily sent me pics :) Here’s her wife Shawna holding up Olivia for her photo op

And Crystal blogs about her growing family here. Warning: lots of cute pictures of a baby boy named Henry.

See?? Surrounded by babies.

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